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    Step 1

    Determine your needs

    An Indian kitchen is a place where complex processes and a variety of ingredients bring to life recipes that are rich in flavours and colours. While planning your kitchen, it is important to determine your specific needs in line with your culinary habits and lifestyle.

    Family Size And Lifestyle

    Your family size, culinary habits, cuisine preference, storage requirements and lifestyle is an important criterion in determining your kitchen layout, finish and style.


    A kitchen is the hearth of any Indian home. A space that nourishes the body and soul. We understand the importance of this and ensure that we deliver your kitchen in time without any delays.


    Indian homemakers are value seeking, hence our designers help you design kitchens that fit your requirements and your budget. Our easy finance scheme help you get a kitchen befitting your lifestyle, without a compromise.

    Step 2

    Design the layout

    A typical Indian kitchen is a busy hive of activity where complex processes and cuisine culture need to come together in perfect harmony. Hence, we use the right combination of 5-Z and 3-C principles to make every kitchen efficient and ergonomically friendly.

    Step 3

    Choose the cabinets

    Indian kitchens present unique challenges when it comes to storage types and materials. The cooking methods and storage needs make it necessary to provide materials that are durable, heat and water resistant, low on maintenance and a perfect combination of shapes and sizes

    Step 4

    Choose organisers and accessories.

    Indian kitchens need a place for everything. A careful selection of storage organizers and accessories makes it easy to keep essential appliances, cookware, groceries, spices and the likes, organized and handy

    Step 5

    Choose the shutter finish

    Indian kitchens are all about extensive heat cooking, greasy surfaces, chopping and cleaning.It is therefore important to choose finishes and colours that best suit your cooking style and lifestyle




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    A modular kitchen is a selection of cabinets or modules, each made with a specific purpose and functionality in mind. These cabinets are designed together depending upon the kitchen space available, positions of different zones (preparation zone, cooking zone, cleaning zone, dry and wet storage zones). A well designed modular kitchen helps in increasing efficiency in two ways - optimal space utilization and minimize movement while cooking in the kitchen.

    The price of a modular kitchen depends on the size, layout, material used, accessories chosen and hardware selected for the kitchen. For a customized quote and more information, Kindly connect with +91 771 8888 875

    At HMI, we have delivered compact kitchens starting from 8ft by 6ft going all the way upto luxurious kitchens in very large areas. Whatever the size of your kitchen is, there is a HMI design that will be customized for you.

    Kitchens are available in multiple layouts depending on the size and need. These are straight, parallel, L-shape, C- shape, island and open kitchens. HMI offers multiple design options in all these types to suit your need, kitchen size and design taste.

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